Lux Gold – The Foosball Table Of The Kings

Football, commonly referred to as ‘table soccer’, is a popular indoor sport all over the world. It is improvised soccer, played at a table with handles and rods with figures that control the ball .The players have to strive to push the ball towards the opposite goal, at the same time blocking their own goal.
This may have been the first virtual game created by man. It has all the elements of competition and excitement and never ceases to entertain. Commonly the foosball table is made up of wood and common metals much unlike ‘the Rolls Royce’ of all foosball tables.

The Foosball Table of Kings -Lux Gold is the world’s largest foosball table .Considered as an ultimate luxury toy worth approximately $29,724.

The metal in the table is stainless steel that can be gilded in different colors including the most popular color being gold. This luxurious toy is coveted by all foosball lovers.


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