Long Haired Girl To Sell Her Hair To Save Mother

A 17-year-old Chinese girl A’zhen from Guangxi, China, posted a letter on an online posting website to sell her 1.5-meter-long hair for RMB20,000 ($2,598.74) to raise money to save her mother who fell ill recently. Her mother is a journalist Xiong Qian, once famous for the “one-cent case.”

Many Chinese Internet users doubt about the story in the letter and her intention; many are calling the telephone number in the letter for the details of her mother’s condition and assailing the veracity of the daughter’s plea for help. The girl has since refused the request stating that her mother’s ailment is gynecological and she has to protect her mother’s privacy.

According to the head of the online posting website “Tianya Community,” many similar help letters are posted everyday on the website and it’s hard to verify whether they are real incidents from fraudulent ones. He attached a warning notice at the end of the letter just incase it was fraudulent, which reads, “The help letter was not posted by A’zhen herself but a journalist who interviewed her. I contacted the poster and asked for the patient’s medical records but I didn’t get a satisfactory answer. Netizens should treat this matter reasonably. Thanks!”

However, a businessman Wang Chengzhi from Jiangsu has confirmed the case. He dialed the number and talked with the patient’s doctor over phone to verify the claim. According to him, it turns out to be true. He also donated RMB3,000 ($389.91) for Xiong Qian.

He said that the reason why A’zhen didn’t disclose the medical records is that her mother has contracted a gynecological disease while being divorced.


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